Our suits are sold in sets with the standard U.S. sizes with a 6" size drop between the jacket and pants.

We are unable to mix and match sizes and do not offer or cover costs for alterations for any order.

Please order based on your chest size and get the waist of the pants altered to fit by your local tailor.

The waist of our pants can be let out up to 1 1/2" or taken in up to 3" by a tailor, who can also taper in the suit and hem the pants to your desired length.
The sleeves can be let out up to 1".

Suits in our collection are available in a slim cut and modern cut.

Suits in a slim cut would have the word "slim" noted next to each size.


98% of all people who buy a suit will need alteration.

To ensure you have the perfect fit and look as great as you can, before you go out in your new suit, we’d recommend you find a good local tailor who can handle the standard alterations if needed.

Our suits in a slim cut are very fitted and do not allow much room for alteration. Your local tailor would be able to taper in the suit to your desired fit when you order the size closest to your measurements. Before an actual alteration is made, your tailor can let you know if the adjustment would fix the fit issues. Please note that once a suit is altered, it will not be eligible for return.

Our suits are made by hand; each can vary with a 1/2" to 1" leeway in flat lay measurements.

CLICK HERE to upload a video of yourself and we will let you know what size to order.

Please read all the instructions below to best understand how to order your desired size.

First note to keep your body loose and relax, don't flex or hold anything in when measuring yourself.

Place the tape measure beneath the armpits, wrap it around the fullest part of your chest, and place two fingers under the center of your chest while keeping the tape measure level.
This measurement will be your jacket size.
Our model here measures at 38", so he wears size 38 jacket.

Note that your natural waistline might not match the waist size of the pants you are wearing.
Wrap the tape measure around your waist—not your belly.
To find your waist, you can hold 4 fingers below belly button and below that will be your waist.
Don't let it be too loose, and don't squeeze it too tight. This measurement will be your waist size.
Our model here measures at 32" so his pants size is 32W.

Use the range of heights below to determine if you are a Short (S), Regular (R), or Long (L).
Keep in mind that some people prefer the look of a longer jacket and some a shorter jacket, so these are not set in stone.
SHORT (S) 5'4" TO 5'7"
REGULAR (R) 5'8" TO 6'2"
LONG (L) 6'2 1/2" TO 6'6"

1) Sleeves are too long? Your tailor can take up the sleeves to any length that you’d prefer.
2) Sleeves are too short? There’s an extra 1” of fabric in the sleeves that can be let out.
3) Too much room in the stomach area of the jacket? The sides of the jacket can be tapered in.

1) The waist is too big? Up to 3” in the waist can be taken in.
2) The waist is too small? There is an extra 1 1/2” of fabric in the waist that can be let out.
3) The pants are too long? All of our pants come unfinished/unhemmed at 36” long. Your local tailor can hem the pants to your desired length.
4) The crotch/seat area is too tight? There’s an extra 1/2” of fabric in the inseam that can be let out.

If you have any sizing questions not answered on our sizing page, please feel free to call us at (628) 219-3300 or email us at info@alaindupetit.com.
Our phone support is only for sizing questions.
Sizing customer service hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST., excluding holidays.