98% of all people who buy a jacket will need alteration.

To ensure you have the perfect fit and look as great as you can, before you go out in your new jacket, we’d recommend you find a good local tailor who can handle the standard alterations if needed.

Your local tailor would be able to taper in the jacket when you order the size closest to your measurements. 

Please note that once a jacket is altered, it will not be eligible for return.

Please read all the instructions below to best understand how to order your desired size.
First note to keep your body loose and relax, don't flex or hold anything in when measuring yourself. 

Place the tape measure beneath the armpits and just above the nipples, and place two fingers under the center of your chest, also try to make the tape measure level.
This measurement will be your jacket size. 
Our model here measures at 38", so he wears size 38 jacket.

Use the range of heights below to determine if you are a Short, Regular, or Long.
Keep in mind that some people prefer the look of a longer jacket and some a shorter jacket, so these are not set in stone.
SHORT (S) 5'4" TO 5'7"
REGULAR (R) 5'7 1/2" TO 6'1"
LONG (L) 6'1 1/2" TO 6'5"

1) Sleeves are too long? Your tailor can take up the sleeves to any length that you’d prefer.
2) Sleeves are too short? There’s an extra 1 1/2” of fabric in the sleeves that can be let out.
If you need more than 1 1/2”, an experienced tailor can use the extra fabric from the bottom of the pants to lengthen the sleeves an additional 3” to 6”, depending on how much extra fabric is left after the bottoms are hemmed.
3) Too much room in the stomach area of the jacket? The sides of the jacket can be tapered in.
Please feel free to call us at (628) 219-3300 or email us at for sizing questions.
Customer service hours:  Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST