Light double Breasted suit
"Great and amazed"
Calvin H.
Great Value!
"Can't beat the price for the quality of suit!"
Kevin C.
Great quality and great value
"Perfect for daily work wear. "
Hector A.
Three Piece TR Suit
"I got a lot compliments on the suit.....and it fit me very well also. I will be making a future purchase very soon!!!"
Marvin N.
"Didn’t take long to receive, can’t beat the prices! Excellent quality and a gorgeous variety, will definitely purchase more very soon."
Martin P.
"The suit is made from top grade wool and fits perfectly My tailor was impressed by the quality of the fabric and the cost, and the workmanship. I’ll definitely be purchasing several more suits "
Victor E.
"Very pleased with overall quality. You can absolutely not beat this suit for the price! The color is outstanding, got a ton of compliments when I wore it. Would not hesitate to order again."
Very Pleased Customer Here :-)
"I am very impressed with the fit, look and quality of this suit. The jacket fit perfect and the pants were just hemmed to meet my length. But for $66.00 including shipping...you simply cant beat that price. I have already ordered another suit which arrived a few minutes ago. Excited to open my special delivery! "
Jose A.
"This suit is a duplicate of one I had already purchased... I wanted to have another because I like being completely prepared."
Reginald M.
"Good. You have to get your correct size. I think that I need to drop one size down, but I still like the suits because you can't beat the quality for price. I'm a educator and I wear a lot of suits. They don't all have to be expensive."
Norbert H.
Better Than Expected
"Let's be real, a suit under $70?! Wasn't expecting a whole lot, but was actually very impressed with what I received. I would compare this to any suit you would buy for around $200. I ended up buying a total of 3 suits from you. Maybe add some patterned suits."
Devin C.
Very simple and the absolute best
"As always, I never have any issues with how good my suits come out or how long it takes to receive it. Everything is always the best."
Aaron H.
Perfect cut, perfect fit!
"The suit arrived on a hanger, in a plastic cover, not a wrinkle or blemish, I got the psnts hemmed to the proper length, and I was ready to go!"
Israel M.
Great Suit
"I was so surprised and happy when I tried on my suit. Great lightweight material and beautiful color. Will buy more in the future. "
Adam H.
It was only a test...
"I bought this suit at an unbelievable price ...I just had to see if it was too good to be true. I am pleased with my decision. "
Joseph G.
"Quick delivery. Great suit. Ordered three more."
Kyle W.
Happiest limo driver
"As a limo driver that has to get dirty once in awhile lifting luggage I love Alain Dupetit suits!! I bought two black suits two years ago and the only reason I’m buying several more is because I lost weight! These suits last very long! And they’re so comfortable! And for the price I now get to wear a different color every day since I already ordered 9 suits online! I’m so sad these suittech material suits will be discontinued so I plan to order as many more as I can as very few stores carry them! "
Anobal R.
"Very good value. My second suit from you all*"
Martin M.
"I've purchased seven of the double breasted suittech suits, two of this one specifically, and for good reason! The charcoal gray is not too dark and gives a modern look with the thin lapels. The suittech fabric allows for great breathability when walking in the heat of Florida!"
Dorian Alberti
Best looking Summer Suit!
"The lightweight and easy care of the suittech fabric along with the bright french blue color makes this my go-to Summer suit!"
Dorian Alberti
Great Buy!
"Great suit for the price! Easily Tailored and extremely lightweight and durable. The navy is brighter than traditional navy with a more modern feel. I've purchased two because it's my favorite suit to wear!"
Dorian Alberti
Nice Suit for the price
"Great stitching and sewing work, the quality and fabric is great for the price...one suggestion, the suit is cut bigger/classic fit, I would recommend going down one size from what you wear if you want a more fitted fit..."
Joseph E.
My purchase was great. I
"My purchase was great. I will be ordering more in the near future"
Anthony M.
Love it!
"Fast delivery and great quality!"
Robin S.
Great looking Suit
"I received numerous compliments!"
Edward I.
Great looking Suit
"I received numerous compliments on the suit."
Edward I.
Birdseye gray...
"Excellent experience always... Birdseye gray was better than expected... "
Raymond R.
"good merchNDISE GOOD PRICE"
Raphael R.
Can't Beat It!
"Once tailored, the suit is a super great deal! Fits well, well made, breathable fabric and looks great on the streets on NYC!!"
Delfin D.
Cool in the Arizona heat
"Very comfortable from delivery to tailor to wear in church"
Pleasant G.