Men’s Fashion Label Alain Dupetit Celebrates Its Second Anniversary with $39 Two Piece & $49 Three Piece Men’s Suits LOS ANGELES—May 10, 2017—Today, Alain Dupetit, one of the fastest growing men’s suit labels, announced the second anniversary of its online launch. The company takes an innovative approach of selling designer-quality suits directly to consumers online at wholesale price points that are five to 10 times lower than other labels.
The brand’s fabrics range from 100% Italian, to its own TR fabric engineered to incorporate a true four-way stretch—the same technologies used in high-performance sportswear fabric, as well as fully washable suits that do not need to be sent out to a dry cleaner.
“Alain Dupetit has grown at a rate of about 10 percent per month since we launched the e-commerce site two years ago, with a base of customers who are passionate about our brand and our clothing,” said Ben Wolfinsohn, Alain Dupetit’s CEO. “We firmly believe that the best, most stylish suits should be accessible to everyone and that looking your sharpest should not cost a fortune. We’re shaking up the menswear industry by putting our customer first.”
Alain Dupetit is celebrating with a sale of all two piece suits at $39, three piece suits at $49 in SuitTech® fabric, designed exclusively for the brand, and 100% Italian wool suits for $99.

Founded in 2015 by David Dupetit and Ben Wolfinsohn, Alain Dupetit is an e-commerce men’s suit company that offers designer-quality menswear at affordable prices. The company is named after Alain Dupetit, a French immigrant who has been designing men’s suits and selling to mom and pop retailers for more than 40 years. Today, Alain lends his expertise in men’s fashion and ensures that every fashion-forward suit and item sold still maintains a classic and timeless feel. Alain Dupetit prides itself on the quality and construction of their menswear, as well as their innovative approach to cutting out the middleman in their design and production process and by selling directly to customers online at a price that no other apparel company comes close to.