What's in a name (Ah-laan Du-pa-tee)?

Everything. Especially when your namesake has decades of experience in designing custom men’s suits, a flair for style and a panache that is apparent in every piece we sell.
Alain Dupetit (pronounced Ah-laan Du-pa-tee) is who inspired us to launch our online brand in 2014. For more than 40 years, Alain has designing suits and shirts. The father to our co-founder David, Alain moved to the U.S. from France at the age of 21 and shortly after opened his first store. He has also taught his design process to major suit manufacturers around the world and brings his signature style to AlainDupetit.com.
Today, he is responsible for handpicking our fabrics from Italy, overseeing every step of production and acting as our style consultant who ensures that — while trends may come and go — our designs always remain timeless and classic. 
Learn more about the man behind the Alain Dupetit name here

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