Tech start-up interview? You may still need a suit

So you landed an interview with a tech start-up? Great! Throw on a hoodie, and you're set. Wrong. You may still need to wear a suit -- or maybe just a dress shirt or a sport coat. Before any interview, it's always a good idea to study up on the company. Check their website, photos of their leadership team, their social media pages, and other resources to get a general "vibe" for the company.  
According to, when dressing for any interview, you should also take your potential role into account:
“'Attire should vary based on roles / industry in a few specific instances: if your role is heavy client-facing, then you should dress nicer based on who the clients are (are you selling software to brokers? have on a suit jacket),' Brian Shoicket, Director of University Programs at Uncubed, notes. But in a lot of cases, he adds, 'engineers / programmers can wear whatever they want.'” suggests there are at least three potential situations where you may need to dress a step above: 1) If you'll be interacting with customers, 2) working in a fundraising role, and 3) if you'll be meeting overseas clients or investors. These are all examples "'where you need to face the 'suit or not to suit' decision head-on. And in these situations, if you decide against a suit, you still need to dress business casual. Leave the jeans and hoodie at home.'"
Preparing for an interview? Let us know what you plan to wear. Good luck and Godspeed!
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