Need a brown suit? Seth Meyers seems to think so.

This Season's Hottest Suit Color - Brown?
In case you missed it, brown is the season's hottest suit color.
Yep. Brown is making a comeback in a major way.  According to GQ, it's not just a fall hue and turns out it makes your baby blues truly stand out. Read the story here
Seth Meyers Blue Eyes Dazzle in a Brown Suit 

Steve McQueen in 3-Piece Brown Suit in 1968s The Thomas Crown Affair
Men's Health also shared its tips for making the trend with ease. Check out the tips here.
So, what are you waiting for? At $49, go ahead and grab one of our 2-button suits or our Mocha Subtle Plaid 3-Piece for $59 and start channeling your inner McQueen.  

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