Classic menswear doesn't have to be pretentious

He Spoke Style's Brian Sacawa recently wrote about "The Hipsterization of Classic Menswear." While we think our suits are cool. We will never be judgmental. 
In the post, He Spoke Style shares a recent experience at a trendy men's shop:

"Upon entering and taking a quick look around, I became aware that I was being sized up by the staff. The younger gentleman who came over to tend to me was particularly condescending and self-assured. I, for my part, was pretty vibed out and very turned off by the entire experience. Why act that way? I just don’t get it. Like, if your goal is to sell me a $1,500 jacket, a $450 pair of shoes or maybe a couple $200 ties, perhaps drop the attitude."
We at Alain Dupetit believe in a down-to-earth approach to men's fashion, and that the most stylish suits should be accessible to everyone. Looking your sharpest should not cost a fortune - and should come easy and that the customer experience should come without attitude. Have a question about jacket size, fit, color, or our fabrics? Check for info here and if you don't happen to find what you're looking for, reach out
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