You guys rock!!!!
"Amazing value for money! Honestly, my hope was low and I was just experimenting when I purchased this extremely low-priced suite. To my pleasant surprise, the suit was awesome! I really liked the fabric, and the fit. I usually have to get my suits altered by the tailor. And this one was a perfect fit right out of the box. Also, I should mention about the impressive customer service that you provide. Overall an amazing purchase experience. Will definitely purchase again."
Sunish V.
Amazing suit for the price
"I’m very pleased with this suit. I wasn’t expecting much from a $49 suit, but I was pleasantly surprised. It fits great and the overall quality is pretty good. I will buy more for sure. "
Chris Taylor
Bought Suits, ties and Shirts
"No issues at all and the clothing was of quality and in good condition. Everything was shipped on time as expected. I will definitely be purchasing from them again. "
Linsey S.
"I was very good.... I liked the quality of the suits,and the amount of time it took to get here. What I enjoyed most was the price 👍🏾👍🏾"
Dennis J.
Great suit
"Really liked the suit. Very reasonable price along with good quality."
Faisal N.
Great quality at a great price!
"I was pleasantly surprised at the quality for such a great price. The suit fit me very well and only needed minor alterations. I’ve received many compliments on it and I will definitely be making more suit purchases! "
Casey D.
Awesome suit
"If you want to jump start your suit game. Start with this. Measure yourself first so that you can get the right suit size. The main alteration you need to do is the pants. You need to get it hemmed to no break and even taper it to get that slim fit, sharp look. Tan is classic."
gio c.
Awesome suit for the price
"The pants that go with them are a bit long for me but nothing I can do about that. Everything else though is amazing! The feel of the suit and how high quality it looks makes it well worth every dollar."
Ray Y.
"Excellent suites fit very well love them"
Felix R.
Amazing suit and quality
"I really love this suit. The quality is very good. I have to wear a suit everyday so I wanted durable material. "
Carlos E.
"I ordered a 42 short and other than hemming the pants it’s a perfect fit!"
John G.
Very good condition for the price .... not too fancy
"Very good for the price "
Hossa. E.
"Just picked my first suit up from my tailor $129 wool suit -< she impartially agreed that it could be a $500 mall suit I’m buying another one "
Ed Vance
love it.
"Beautiful suit for the price."
Marvin C.
"Unbelievable quality of your suits and shirts. I have 8 suits. I just bought my first shirt and will be buying more. "
Charles T.
The suits are awesome!
"The suits are awesome!"
Tramon A.
"I could not have asked for more. You guys are great and your sizing is amazing. All my suits are perfect suits, needs 0 adjustments and they are all Great! Expect more orders from my colleagues here because they are shocked by such quality at give away price. Nice!"
philip o.
Beautiful color
"It came to the house so fast, I appreciate the fast service. Will wear it dec.12 at my work party. "
Carlos R.
"Great Suit at an amazing price. Only thing that would make it better would being able to pick the size of the pants separate. However, It is most defiantly a 5 star purchase!!!! The price is low enough for you to get the pants tailored. "
Van W.
Better than expected!
"This suit exceeded my expectations. The color is great and it fits me better than a suit I had to go to the store to buy. You keep my size stocked, I will buy many times more. Already purchased 3 more suits."
William M.
"At 6’5”, I’m often disappointed in ordering suits, but not with Alan Dupetit! This suit fits perfectly, looks amazing, and came at an unbeatable price! I’ll be ordering all my suits right here from now on!!!! "
Joey Rogers
Great customer experience
"Delivered what was promised! Bought this for my son, who is graduating college and having several interviews. Perfect when you have multiple interviews with the same company "
Pat B.
Recent purchase
"I’ve bought several suits from Dupetit and have been very pleased with them."
Joseph S.
"Good Excellent service. Highly recommend "
David D.
loved my suit
"Love my suit! will be buying more! such high quality for the price!"
Robert L.
First suit
"Love not having to pay a fortune for teen son's first suit. He is still growing so it won't fit for long. Well made and fits pretty good. I will alter it a bit but well worth it!!"
Amy R.
Fast Service
"Everything was great shipping was fast and I'm enjoying the product I will order another suit in the near future"
Ted J.
Not too bad for the price.
"Overall I am pleased with the suit. I bought it for a fall wedding in DC. The color was a bit darker than expected and what is shown in pictures. I will be changing the buttons eventually. I have received a lot of comments on it overall. I have not dry cleaned it yet and will see how it holds up in that process. I will also be interested to see how it holds up after a day of wearing it to work. "
Excellent Fit
"The Navy Blue two button suit I ordered to officiate my son's wedding was a perfect fit and looked stunning. I am extremely pleased with my first suit fro ya'll. Merry Christmas!"
Jeffery J.
Snazzy value
"I wore this to a dressy event and was still dressy compared to the rest! It was great, wowed, turned heads. I felt great. Fits great. Bow tie is perfectly fine. I'll buy again in another color. "
Paul R