Nothing But Compliments in NYC
"Once tailored, most excellent!"
Delfin D.
What more can I ask for?
"When I made my first purchase I was nervous and feared that I may have made bad decision... Not knowing anything about the company and the products. My French Blue two-button suit arrived packaged with care. From the quality to the overall fit was perfect. Fast forward to the present, I recently purchased a navy blue suit and to my delight, the suit once again was perfect. I will be rocking this suit on my birthday (Oct 13th) at the Steel City Kizomba Festival in Pittsburg, PA. I will forward the photos in the very near future. What more can I ask for? I'm hooked and will be making future purchases as well as referring my friends to the company. "
Robert T.
Broke College Student
"I decided to try out this company, as I am college student with not a huge budget but was in need of a suit for speaking events. I decided to give this a try because trying to piece together something from Salvation Army is hit and miss, and I really wanted something that matched. The ordering was easy and understandable, and the shipping was quick. Upon receiving the suit, i was impressed with the quality, particularly given the price ($89 including s&h). The pants were a bit small for me, but the jacket and vest fit as expect, though the jack will need to be tailored, particularly at the waist. overall, I have been pleased with this product, it has met my needs and at an unbeatable price. If you are a college student like myself, or have a similarly low budget, I would seriously encourage you to check this company out and give it a try. I can not look presentable again as I speak to my Church and student body."
Aaron Gann
A very nice suit
"Good fit, nice material"
Sean S.
Awesome Suits for an Awesome Price
"I was skeptical at first when I saw the price, but I said hey for that price.....why not. I bought 3 three piece suits and when they arrived........I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!! Loved the design, suits fit was spot on and live the colors. I just purchase two more suits One happy customer, get them while you can!"
Zeid M.
Great Value
"Their customer service department is great. Quality is good and you can’t beat the price"
Josh F.
Great Price
"Awesome. The suits were a perfect fit. The delivery was quick and the product was exactly as described on the web site. I was expecting sub level stitching, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of tailoring and the fabric"
Ayaz M.
Great suit
"This suit is excellently tailored. Minor sleeve adjustment and hemming for a perfect fit. Everyone commented my on how the suit looked and fit. Bought a 3 piece and will be ordering more."
Pastor Roy Dabney
They double breasted suit
"The suit looked great on him I love the feel of it I am ordering 2 more suits for my Husband"
Evalyn W.
Great suit.
"I have not even put it on yet for a formal event. I’ve got to tailor it to suit my exact measurements but it felt great trying it. It looks amazing. It can’t get any better for the price. I’ll update as I try it throughout the following three months and will decide if it’s worth buying around four more suits from Alain du Petit. "
Bradley Polanco
I will order more suits
"I really like the feel of the suit, I like the color, I received many compliments about the suit. I wear suits everyday, so I plan to order more. "
Ryan R.
"Easy to follow and I recommended to others "
Lonnie B.
Blue army
"Nice suit. Great fit. Just need a hem. French blue is nice color. A bit different. "
Jim C.
Love this suit
"I'm absolutely floored of the quality of the suits for the price. I have purchased 6 of the 2 button. Soon to purchase more. "
Charles T.
review of suits...
"I sure like the suits that i have got from you... Joe..."
Joseph H.
My new wedding suit.
"I recently received the three piece suit I ordered from your company. I felt anxious ordering online, especially for a suit and because I am a plus size guy. The suit arrived in less than a week after ordering and I tried it on right away and was so please that the overall fit was perfect! I knew I would have to have a tailor do final alterations but those alterations were minimal. My tailor commented on my fine suit. I will be proudly wearing my new suit at my wedding coming up in October! I plan to order more from your company in the future. Thank you. Paul Nixdorf "
It’s a really great suit
"The suit was a really good quality and it looks very nice"
Joseph E.
Nice suits
"Very good suits to buy"
lAwyer j.
I love it!
"My suit fits like a dream & I wear it like a King. Marvelous doing business with ALAIN DUPETIT as my attire arrived in a timely fashion with updated reports from the rack to my door. I shall return."
Galan A.
Amazing suit
"Have not worn this suit yet, I'm going to wear it for a special event Oct. 7th .our 21st Church celebration, fits perfect just have to hem the pants up"
Great quality and service
"I think I may have found my go to suit store for buying good quality suits and a very very affordable price. I was blown away by the level of quality for my first suit so I bought another one. Isaac Atlanta"
Isaac C.
Royal Review
"Shipping is very quick considering it’s coming from Canada. I love the color of the tux and I don’t mind having to get alterations on my tux. Price is great."
Dandrae P.
Spot on!
"I was curious about the quality but greatly appreciated the price. I had not upgraded my black suit since 2004, so I figured I was due! The suit arrived on time and in good shape. I took the trousers to my local seamstress to be hemmed and was so pleased with the overall result! The suit looks fantastic! It fits and feels great too. A quick ironing and I was ready to go! The TR fabric looks good and drapes very well. The cut of the suit looks very good on a guy like me (40L/34; 6'1", 165 lbs.). The only thing I had to do (other than get the trousers hemmed) was re-sewing the right front trouser pocket as the seam had come undone. Other than that, smooth sailing! I am a college music director and clergyman, so this suit will get put through its paces in due order! Thank you, Alain Dupetit, for a good product at an affordable price!"
Nothing But Compliments in NYC
"I wore the suit this weekend at the Waterside Restaurant and Lounge in Edgewater, NJ this Saturday night and got plenty of compliments and I think this picture with the NYC skyline in the background. Great suit at any price!! "
Del DeLeon
Better than I could have imagined . . .
"I like the look of a double-breasted suit. Even though I am large, I still like to look well put-together. The navy blue double-breasted suit I bought indeed looks good and feels good when I am wearing it. I did have to have the trousers altered slightly, but the coat fits very well right out of the box. Even though the label says I can, I doubt very much that I will wash my suit in the washer: it is too well made and fashionable to take a chance. It will be dry-cleaned with the other finer clothes which I wear."
William Y.
Well Made
"the workmanship was A+"
Courtney W.
"very good product and a great price fast delivery looking to buy another one."
Richard B.
Love these suits
"Love love love these suits. A#1 quality, unbelievable cost. I have 6 of the 2 button so far. "
Charles T.
My New Brown Suit
"The suit fits very well, only had to get the pants hemed. Overall its a very good product at a very good price!"
Kenneth R.