Great value
"A quality suit for the price. Easily more epensive elsewhere. I'll be ordering again in the near future"
George A.
In Love
"FANTASTIC! I am in Love with these suits! I have two so far...buying another for me and my son!"
New blue suit
"Very good. My third suit..."
Thomas H.
Nice for the price
"Ok..a $70.00 suit. I am a weird size so investigating seventy bucks plus another sixty for alterations gives me a nice fitting suit for $130.00"
Stuart M.
Navy Blue for You!
"Great! Ordering online - even via my cell phone - was a breeze! I really like the quality of the suits for my teenage son. He's slender and growing fast but the suits fit him fabulously well! "
Roland D.
Satisfied customer
"I purchased 4 suits and let me tell you I wore one to church yesterday and I received a bevy of compliments from men and women. I wore the burgundy double breasted one and highlighted it with white and pink. I’m a huge fan of your brand. "
Walter A.
Very skeptical
"Very skeptical at ordering and was pleasantly surprised with my purchase, so much so I purchased another of a different color. Fit as though it was a tailored suit, no kidding. My wife and daughter were likewise amazed at the value for the price. Suits arrived within 2 days also!!!!"
Richard K.
Are you kidding?!
"This suit was perfect! I couldn't believe how well it fit me! I think the suit was 40 something bucks and my alterations were $40! I obviously had my pant hemmed and I had the jacket shortened. I thought I fell a little long and I brought it up almost 2 inches. I loved how it turned out and I can't wait to order more!"
Jason T.
Great price and fit
"I have ordered 2 suits and both of them are a perfect fit. I am a big guy and finding suits at a reasonable price is rare. I will be ordering more of these . Also ordered 1 for my son."
Sidney H.
Great Bargain
"Ordering was super easy !!! Great selection!! Bought 4."
very pleased with the product
"very pleased with the product"
Carl L.
"I'm so ecstatic about they way the suit fits and looks on me. This is the second suit that I've purchased from you guys and it definitely won't be the last. "
Joshua B.
"Nice fitting! I would recommend to all of my friends"
sam P.
"I was happy with the quality considering the price. Love the color."
Claude C.
Kevin G.
Tan Suit
"Excellent price and quality. Meets all of my expectations. "
Louis P.
Very Nice for a Budget
"I haven't worked in a "suit and tie" job in years. So when I just got a new job, I had to get some new suits in a hurry, but budget was a big issue. As fate would have it, Dupetit came into my life...and thankfully! Ordering was easy and size selection had so many options, finding my size was easy. Delivery was impressively quick and the quality of the suit was well worth the price. When I told my tailor, he was shocked at the quality. He thought it came "off a truck!" You're gonna have to get some tailoring, but still, well worth it. This was my 5th purchase in 2 months, so I am already a loyal customer. The only neg I have is that I haven't gotten a "buy back" offer!! But if you have any doubt, buy one and you'll see. Thank you A.D.!! "
Delfin D.
great suits
"It was a great and easy experience to order from this site."
Jesse R.
Black 3 Button Suit
"Awesome! Stunning quality of material!"
Waiting on alterations!
"I am very excited to get it back from the tailor because the quality is very good! "
Rick K.
Smooth for the Summer
"I've bought more than five suits from ALAIN DUPETIT in the past year. Each one was delivered on time and fit exactly the way it was described. My last purchase was this tan 2-button suit that will add some extra somoothness this upcoming summer! I highly recommend purchasing a suit--guaranteed you'll go back for more!"
Alberto B.
Great suit, excellent price.
"I was skeptical of buy a suit on online. But, when I got my black 3 button in the mail, I was excited. It looks very professional, feels great, and was only $49.00 plus shipping (so about $60 because I wanted fast shipping). I already own a few suits, but this one is definitely in the top 5. I thought that it would be off color, because the stock photos of products usually do not match the true product but, this matched it perfectly. I also thought it would be too small, but it fits just right. Note: you will need to get the pants hemmed but that shouldn't cost more than $30 because they send them to you with an un-tailored pants at the bottom. Still a truly amazing suit, it could easily be worth $200-$500+ (Alain Dupetit--please do not change your prices though). I will definitely be buying more suits. #AlainDupetit #49dollarsuit "
Christopher C.
"Great quality, fast shipping!"
Tanya D.
Have worn jacket as sports
"Have worn jacket as sports coat with jeans! Pleased with the look"
Bob S.
"I was skeptical of buying a suit online. But was very pleased and will be buying more in the future. Thank you."
Kirk M.
"Purchased this suit for my son to wear to his Junior Prom. He is 6’3 and VERY SLIM. Chose the 36R/30W,.. FIT PERFECTLY!!! Just hemmed his pants. We will be purchasing again when he needs another suit. Also, called customer service about sizing questions,..before I placed my order - they couldn’t be more friendly. It’s been a long time since I felt this good about an internet purchase. "
Shabreann N.
Great fit
"Suit fit great. 38L is my size. "
Liston P.
The suits look better in real life than they do on the model
"Pretty cool suits... they kinda look frumpy on the model, but pretty dapper IRL!"
David B.
The suits that are more worth than its price!
"I have purchased 18 suits from this site and have been very satisfied. I wear suits at least 6 days per week and travel a great deal on airplanes. I have been very surprised how well these suits hold up to a constant travel schedule. They are comfortable and very breathable and hold their shape. "
Edward Ildefonso
I want to buy out everything
"Excellent experience. All I can say is I wish I could become a vendor for this company. There are many of us men who are tired of high price suit. Your prices are outrageously GREAT!!! And when you put it on it fits to the T..If I had the chance to open a store selling your produce I will do it just because it's your product.and no one else. I'm a shopper who will continually by Alain Dupetit."
Johnnie H.